One Thing I Cannot Tolerate

Although I try to be respectful and tolerate the opinions and behavior of others. I absolutely cannot tolerate anyone who bashes another for a belief they have religious or not. This rant is going to focus on the scapegoating and bashing of people of the Muslim and Islam faith. 

If you are going to be intolerant of a group of people just because they share a religion with the extremist Taliban or Al-Quida, then you need to either educate yourself or fall off the face of the earth. I am tired of hearing this “Let’s send all the Muslims back to the Middle-East.” or “We should just convert them to Christianity.” and I’ve even heard, “We should put them all on a plane and blow them up.” Honestly, if I ever hear anyone say this in public, I will figure out a way to launch you out of the Milky Way Galaxy. 
The worst offenders are the people who say they are associated with a religion. I have never heard of a religion that promotes hate, oh and news flash neither do Muslim or Islam religions. If you are saying these type of hateful things then you better be an atheist because apparently they don’t have morals (I don’t believe that either, I think an atheist can have morals.) 
This has to do a lot with the problem with stereotyping. When we list a stereotype on a specific group and by the off chance that the group commits the stereotype we see, we automatically think that stereotype is true. In most cases stereotypes are not true, but we think they are based on the little evidence we see. Example: John thinks Sally is an alcoholic because she is Russian, but Sally only drinks once a month. When John goes over to her house he sees her drinking and assumes that he was right about her being an alcoholic even though he has never seen her drink before. He made this assumption based on his beliefs about Russians. 
The other day a news article was published stating, that there were over 850,000 people on the Terrorist watch list/ no flight list. I wanted to see what people had to say about this and I have never been so upset at the human race. One woman was quoted as saying, “Why don’t we just round all these people up and send them back to the Middle East?” Oh my where do I even begin with this lady. If she were to actually do her research, most of the people on this list are not Muslim or Islam, A lot were born in the U.S., and if you recall a few years a go there was a case of a 4 year old boy being on this list just because he shared the same name with another person they were watching. And by saying, “Let’s send them all back to the Middle East.” she is implying that the Middle East is a bad place, that it is where the worst people should go, which is not at all true. 
The second comment I saw was referring to student Visas. The comment read, “We should regulate visas or just not let people come here for our education.” This statement was such a real winner <.<. So by saying this, this person assumes that everyone who comes over on a student visa is a terrorist. He based this comment off of the Boston Bomber who was over here on a student visa. That is one example, it does not mean every student is a terrorist. Also, what about American Students who choose to study abroad? I think it is rather hypocritical to say that no students should be able to study on our country, but then say it is okay for us to study in other countries. And what is this about “Our Education?” In case you haven’t heard the U.S. is 17th in the world with education, not exactly the best. Actually is the student wants to receive a better education then they should go to either Sweden or the UK. 
The comment that actually led to me write this rant was “All Muslims are brainwashes to hate the Americans.” Oh really? I wasn’t aware that you knew All Muslims. I could actually say that a lot of Americans are brainwashed to believe all muslims are terrorists. That would be a lot more true than this commenters statement. A majority of Muslims are actually born in the U.S. and they love the U.S. 
I want to know where these people are getting their information. Obviously secondhand. The media, government and news exaggerate things all the time. I think if people would just open their eyes and educate themselves about the Muslim faith maybe they would understand. You cannot blame a group of people based on the actions of a select few people. The CIA came out with a statement saying that there were only about 6,000 known terrorists left in the Middle East. There are certainly a lot more Muslims in the Middle East and I doubt less than 1% is even associated with either terrorist group. 
It makes me really upset when people are bashed and shunned based on their religious belief. It sickens me because as human beings we are supposed to treat everyone fairly. In Philosophy there is a concept called, The Veil Of Ignorance, which was developed by John Rawls. His argument is that the only way we can have a just world is if we act as if we could have been born in any society or with any belief. Behind this Veil of Ignorance we wouldn’t know which roll we would be born into, so we should base our rules and morals around this. If you were born into the Muslim or Islam faith, how would you want the world to treat you? Would you want them to be tolerant of your belief or treat you like a terrorist? 
I understand why people hold this opinion about the Middle East, but honestly, as long as they do nothing will change. This War On Terror thing is just based on raw assumptions about the Middle East and how they only want to destroy America. Most people who are saying this have never even left the country. How can you really know the truth about something when you are getting all your information from the Media. It is just wrong and I really hope people will this belief about the Muslim or Islam faith really turn around. I just cannot tolerate someone with so much hate and misunderstanding for another group. 



The American Dream and Why It Is Not Achievable

Is this something we can logically believe in anymore? The idea is that with a little effort or talent anyone can become famous or rich. Movies, Books and the news constantly talk about how the average joe can succeed in life and make millions. Movies, “Based on true stories.” are more likely to lead the Box Office because people want to see something they can relate to. They hope to be successful by the strategy of monkey-see-monkey-do. This poses a huge problem because the chances of living the American Dream by working hard isn’t that easy. Plenty of people work hard every single day of their life, but never see more than a minimum wage. Plenty of people work hard to get the right education and skills, but never see more than a cubicle. If this is the reality, why is “Living the American Dream,” still a valuable ideal to us? 

In my opinion, I think this idea was only relevant to the Industrial Revolution period, where we saw a massive boom in industry growth as well as the migration of millions of people. In the early 1830’s with the first Industrial revolution, we saw the development of textile mills, machine tools, railways, steam engines and mining. This provided the opportunity for significant job growth and wealth increase. At this point if you wanted your family to be rich, it would have been a good move to invest in the steam locomotive or the oil industries. Another opportunity came with the Second Industrial Revolution in the 1860s, where we began to see the rise of companies such as General Electric, Standard Oil, Bayer AG, which today are all multi-billion dollar corporations. It seems to me that in order to have success today we have to have another boom, like we did in the Industrial Period. 
It’s all about technology today. This includes, Phones apps, medical advancements, cyber intelligence and computer technology, aerospace and mechanical engineering, biotechnology and robot surgery. These new fields require advanced degrees and years of experience. With college costs rising, the average joe isn’t going to have an easy time paying for a 6-8 year degree, which may or may not get them a job later on. 
But if everyone seeks to live the “American Dream” then why is it so hard? 
Key Issues: Unemployment Rate, Full Employment and The Deficit/Debt
The unemployment rate is currently 7.6% in the U.S. Some reasons for this are: companies aren’t willing to hire new people, humans are being replaced by technology and most companies won’t hire someone who has been out of work for more than six months. 
Hiring new people costs money. It costs money to train the person and it’s a gamble with every person hired. A company has rely on the fact that every person working for them is competent and can make their company more efficient. Every poor worker poses a threat because it’s like throwing money out the window, then the company has to look to replace that person, if they can’t then they will decrease the amount of people they need to work for them by reorganizing the company. 
The technology has to do mainly with factories. Most factories are run by machines and humans are only needed for final product inspections and maybe small tasks that the robot cannot yet do. Every number of workers replaced by a robot saves money. Robots don’t earn a wage. 
Those out of work for a period of time will seek unemployment benefits, while they are looking for a new job. What most people don’t know, is that most companies will not hire someone who has been out of work for a long period of time. They will ask why were out of work and why you couldn’t find a job. They will assume that you have been lazy and unwilling to find a job. Corporations want to hire people who they know will be with them for a long time and not someone who is lazy or switches jobs every six months. 
Full employment does not refer to 100% of the population working. It means 100% of the population that can work is working. This excludes, children under 16, retired citizens, prisoners in jail, people in hospitals or institutions and those who cannot work do to a handicap. In order to fix the unemployment rate we have to work on getting everyone who can work a job as well as the training they need to get that job. 
The debt of the U.S. is currently $17 Trillion and the Deficit is around $4 Trillion this year. 
What’s the difference between debt and deficit? 
Debt is the money we have accumulated over a long period of time and deficit is debt we have accumulated in a single year, which adds on the overall debt. 
The biggest cause of debt are all the wars the U.S. seems to be getting itself into as well as the unnecessary large defense budget it has. The defense budget is currently $680 Billion, which is the biggest budget ever proposed,  and is being used primarily to fight The War On Terror in the Middle East. I don’t know about you, but I dislike the idea of my tax dollars being used to blow up innocent people by Drones. (In case you haven’t heard Drones are the new thing being used by the CIA. They cost over $1 Billion to make and only about 2/3 of them actually work. A drone is an aircraft, which is controlled by a guy/gal sitting in a control room, thousands of miles away from the detonation site.) One could argue that war is good because it creates jobs, but that only comes when it is required for many more soldiers to leave U.S. soil and well as having us move to ration tickets. Since Drones save soldier lives, then they aren’t really needed to go into enemy territory and fight. 
What I propose we do. 
1. Work of fixing employment rather than fixing the deficit/debt. 
The debt and deficit will fix itself, once we reach full employment. With more people able to spend money and pay taxes the more cumulative debt we will be able to get rid of. 
2. Get rid of loopholes in the taxes as well as simplify the tax documents. 
The 1% (Anyone who makes $350,000 +) have ways of avoiding paying taxes by using loopholes in the system. One of these ways is lobbying in The White House. “I’ll donate $5 million from my company to your campaign, if you eliminate or decrease the amount of taxes my company and I have to pay.” This is a very common strategy used by CEO’s and people who can talk with their money. 
Also many people miss the opportunity to save on their taxes because they miss out seeing key tax information. Instead of saving $2-3 thousands they could be saving $4-5 thousand on their taxes. Simplifying the tax system could allow people to have more money to put back into the economy. 
3. I know you don’t want to hear this one, but raising taxes even further is a good option. The rate of taxes in the U.S. is low compared to other countries. The average tax rate for a person in the U.S. is about 20%, while countries such as the U.K., Sweden, Japan, China, Netherlands, and Denmark pay Individual Taxes with a rate of 35-57% If we think we have it bad, you’re joking. 
4. Increase Tax on corporations. Corporations are taxes about 10% less than a person is taxed on their individual income. 
5. Decrease the defense budget. We do not need $680 Billion on defense, it’s ridiculous and takes money away from healthcare and other services, which are beneficial to people. No other country has that budget, if we compare other countries the U.S. spends $500 billion more on defense. Stop. 
6. Stop raising the debt ceiling. Every time we do, we accumulate more debt, which further eliminates our possibility of living in a happy environment. The debt ceiling, in my opinion, is only raised when we need more money to spend on he war on terror and defense. 
In conclusion we need a lot of work on this country before we can even think of living the American Dream. The American Dream hasn’t existed since the end of WW II, when the unemployment rate reached nearly 1% and we were happy having enough jobs and starting business’ that would soon become large multi-billion dollar corporations. Good luck starting a business in today’s economy. 
Unless you have the cure to cancer or the next biggest innovation in your back pocket, you’re going to have to settle living as an average person. Do not believe the movies or books that are published, they are nothing more than an unachievable idea. 

Virgin Atlantic Airways Invents New Way to Get Sexually Harassed?

This is not really how I wanted to start my reputation at an amateur blogger, but what the hell. 

An article was released today revealing Virgin Atlantic’s new “Seat to Seat” service, which I hope doesn’t last more than a second. This new service allows passengers to “mingle” with each other during their flight. With a new in seat device (Shown Below) They can buy drinks and snacks for those who appear to be single or lonely as well as send them chat messages or options to sit next to each other. I don’t know about you, but my first thought is, “What the shit is this.” When I fly, I tend to close myself off from the rest of the population aboard the plane. I wear headphones, have a book in my hands, give passive-agrressive looks and if I have to put tape around my area, marking it as my space and that no one is allowed to enter. 



It is human nature to constantly want to seek out a partner, but is aboard a plane really where we want this to occur? Think about it, You are aboard a small plane, 40,000 ft in the air, with no where to run. Do you really want complete strangers sending you texts and offers to get drunk from three rows back? It did not state in the article whether or not you have the option to decline a drink or chat message, which is another problem. A person who looks for dates on a plane is clearly desperate and probably won’t take no for an answer. Do you ever have that one friend on fb that never seems to get the hint that you don’t want to chat? Do you think a desperate loner on a plane will take that hint either? 

Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, appears in a commercial promoting this device as a good way to meet people. Excuse me? Do we not have a multitude of public place where we can meet people? (Hopefully with enough bystanders so we don’t get kidnapped) We have coffee shops, malls, department stores, bars, clubs, libraries, bathrooms (If you’re really looking for a quick fix) But on a plane is a new one. I have never met someone who takes trips for the sole purpose of meeting singles on a plane. It is definitely a new one for the books. “Oh yes, I am just taking my routine trip to Germany. Last month I met a nice Frenchman, but this time I hope I get a sexy Brazilian.” 

I will be waiting to read the first sexual harassment lawsuit in the papers. 

Now don’t get me wrong, this invention could serve some actual good. Instead of using it as a mingling service, why don’t we use it as a way to yell at parents who can’t control their children. Maybe it could come with a shock button that would shock the seat of the parent who’s letting their three year old run up and down the aisles. 

Thoughts on this service? 



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It is important to note that this blog is an opinionated blog, which many readers may not agree with. (Although, I doubt I’ll have more than lint reading this blog) That being said, this blog makes general statements, which are not pointed towards any specific group or person. This blog merely reflects on why people do the things they do and why society is the way it is.

The qualifications I possess do not matter. A qualification is a label, which pertains to someone’s ability to pass an exam. A qualification does not measure what they actually know or how well they can debate it.

Note-I do not debate beliefs. If you have the freedom to choose a belief that you hold, then it is fair to say that it is your right to hold that belief without debate.